Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nichii Long Dress

Brand new, never worn from Nichii Fashion. Size L.
Can be yours at only RM50!

Forever 21 Summer Dress

Yay, summer again! Fits sizes UK8-14. 
Can you see yourself wearing this with a pair of big sunnies?
If yes, just trade RM30 with me and its all yours darling!

Topshop Butterfly Crop Top

Never worn! Bought because it looks so pretty and irresistible. But I can't carry off crop tops due to my wonderfully short upper body. So, please will someone get this baby away from me before I eat it? Its so delicious. Take it home for only RM25!

Sailor Skirt

Pre-loved Iora skirt in size L. The length sits beautifully on the knee for tall girls and demurely below the knee for petite girls. Perfect for office when matched with shirts or with t-shirt for casual outings. 
Claim it for only RM35!

Earring Stand

Don't know about you but I am definitely an accessories hoarder! 
And sometimes, I get too over myself with organizing them that I bought too many organizing tools which includes this little earring stand. Served me well for awhile but since I need a bigger one, I'm letting this go at only RM10! 

Miss Emily

Enjoy a casual, breezy afternoon in this light dress. Fits up to size UK12. Elasticated at the waist. 
Available in 3 colors: white, blue & pink
Yours @ only RM30

Lovely Natalie

We are made of sugar and spice. Sometimes, we like it hot. But revel in sugary sweetness with this floral dress. Fits up to UK size 10. Good quality with smocked back and inner lining.
Available in 3 colors: off-white, black & navy blue
Own it @ only RM35!

Oh, Cassandra!

Its spring/summer again! And the best time to show off the sweet, sunny side of you! 
This dress screams feminity like no other. Definitely a sure-fire way to get mom's approval, whether yours or his. Smocked back for a better fit and layers at the waist gives you an illusion of a very very tiny waist ala Victorian style~! Fits up to UK size 10.
Available in 4 colors: off-white (sold), black (sold), orange (sold) and sweet pink (last 1 available)
Own it @ only RM35!

Jewel Mini Halter

Soft satin-y material in enchanting jewel tones. 
The material is mixed with elastane to fit ladies from a UK size 8 to 14! 
Grab one of your favorite colors - Turquoise, Gold or Fuchsia @ RM30 each!